Inspiration Room


I’ve finally come to realize that our bathroom remodels are at least a year away… bigger fish to fry (Like residing and painting the whole house, replacing almost 60-year-old water lines). I have decided, however, to at least paint the bathroom so it looks better while it waits for a new sink, flooring and tile. The deal is… my tub, commode and sink are all pink. Now this was actually a selling point for me… believe it or not. I love the tub and will more than likely keep it, but the sink is a tragic almost bubble gum pink that doesn’t quite math the tub or toilet. My first thoughts about paint were to paint a blush pink with bright white trim.. hell, the paint is already in the cupboard.

Stop the presses! Yesterday I was leafing through my new Country Living and have scrapped the whole blush pink idea for a lovely neutral grey. I think the grey, bright white and eraser pink will be a smashing combo. Much easier than trying to find a pink that would not clash. I was trying to find some pics of my bathroom, but obviously have not found it worthy of sharing.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration Room

  1. rose says:

    I think gray is a perfect idea! I may steal it eventually as the house we’re moving into also has a pink tiled bathroom. Very retro, no? Post photos when you are done. And I love the bathroom you showed, although the floor looks a little busy for my taste.


  2. Sarah says:

    I think that’s a smashing idea – and, no, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that the pink tub and sink was a selling point on the house for you – I think it’s adorable!
    Can’t wait for your etsy shop to be up and running – I’d love a little heads up….
    : )


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