Moo Click Press


I just opened my esty shop this morning. Bean Blossom Press


Yeah, my Moo cards… they are so cute at that age


My sister sent me this! It was one my mother’s cameras. Kelly bought me the jazzy 60mm lens… yeah, something else to learn! I was listening to Joanna Newsom on the drive in to work this morning, and it reminded me of my mom, it made me sad. I cried a little, then I had to laugh, because seriously… how many people can say that Joanna Newsom reminds them of their mother?

New threads for my other camera. Splityarn

3 thoughts on “Moo Click Press

  1. Paige says:

    Those cards are adorable. If you’re interested in wholesaling to my little shop, buzz me with some terms! Yay for Bean Blossom Press! Congratulations!


  2. Kelly Belly says:

    Awesome print stuff, Stacey. Good job! And I saw you had a sale yesterday. Good for you! I want to get my moo cards done. It’s on my list of a zillion things to do.


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