Kiss my Grits—Where I don’t talk about knitting at all

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Can we please stop with the comments on folksy charm… really. Didn't anyone ever see A Face in the Crowd?

A coworker of mine overheard a McCain/Palin supporter say that she thought Ms. Palin's blunders made her more adorable. More adorable, really? I mean this isn't your cute, hungover waitress f#@*ing up your brunch order, she's running for VP. 

I don't know about you, but I'd hate for everyone to have such low expectations of me that I am applauded for not doing a poor job.

I cannot wait for vacation… or this election to be over. Does it seem like it's been like 7 years long?

2 thoughts on “Kiss my Grits—Where I don’t talk about knitting at all

  1. Amanda says:

    e-mailed convo between me and mom last night:
    me: I don’t like how she gets all “folksy” like “Dadgummit!” and stuff like that.
    mom: But you like that in Paula Dean but maybe that is different — Paula is not running for VP.
    me: Yup. Paula is making cobbler. BIG difference.


  2. Mona says:

    Amanda, what a hoot! I emailed your “conversation” to a few friends… thanks for the giggles…
    Stacey I hope you and DH had a great vacation and that when you got home the dogs did not maul you with slobbery kisses!
    I had completely forgotten about that movie… thanks…
    just in case you haven’t heard of this already being on a break and all…
    awesome, these women are from all over the country…. really think the dems might take it this year….
    blessings, Mona


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