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I know y'all have seen these on a commercial… they are so sweet that I forget the ad is for a credit card company…. they are so good at what they do, aren't they?

Steve and I had a wonderful vacation in a cabin by a river in the Ozarks. We hiked, he biked,we toured caverns, we built fires, we missed our dogs and I talked about them way too much. I definitely have a much easier time relaxing than my husband…

steve: I have such a hard time just sitting around.

me: not me.

steve: No, you're beautiful at this…

me: I never get bored.

steve: That's because you're always knitting.

me: touché

I was ready to start my sleeves on my wrap cardi but forgot to bring my DPNs… drats. The Walmart in Mountain View did not have what I needed. We took a day trip to Mountain Home and I popped into a quilt shop on the outside chance she had any. She didn't, but she gave me directions to The yarn Store & More. They did have the DPNs I needed… yay. FYI, "& More" is a hair salon… I shit you not. The owner Kathie was either coloring or perming a woman's hair when I got there. I was so happy to find my size 10 PDNs that I hardly noticed the fumes after my initial entry. She had a great selection and they were super friendly. I picked up some Paton's Kroy sock yarn because I couldn't spend a few measly bucks for my needles and roll.
The cardigan? I'm on the second (and last) sleeve right now. I intended to get close to finished last night while watching the debate but I fell asleep at 8:30. It's a good day… I slept TEN HOURS, had acupuntcure, ate yummy mushroom soup, and did I mention we finally saw rain and 70º? It's a good day.

Oooh, I picked up my Maker Faire tickets today at Whole Foods…. can't wait. 

One thought on “Hugs

  1. Amber says:

    I cannot thank you enough for recommending Debbie’s book. I picked it up on Saturday and have been knitting ever since then! She even made purling easy for me. Or maybe I’m just a born knitter 😉 No, I need a LOT of practice… But I feel great about it, thanks to your help! 😀


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