Hot Damn… I wish I could vote again


As I mentioned before, I am normally an election day voter. Well, I voted this morning and I wish I could vote again. I'm feeling a little sad now. I can only compare it that sad little feeling you get when you realize you've opened all your Christmas gifts. 

We had another round of corporate layoffs yesterday, no casualties in my offices this time… whew! I am so happy that Amanda has found gainful employment in our chosen field of publishing, but I'm sad to see her move to Dallas. Well, I think I will definitely need to visit the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. Chica, I hope you find that the Big D is where you were meant to land all along.

I am finishing up my wrap cardigan and a couple small gifts. I am about to start knitting a vest for my father who is very much a vest man. Can't decide which one to knit…. all are nice. Should be a quick knit since I get to stop at the sleeves. I'm leaning toward the third one.
Picture 2

2 thoughts on “Hot Damn… I wish I could vote again

  1. Mona says:

    Hey girl! I’m leaning toward the third vest myself! (4 your pops!)
    I voted last week, we do it by mail. I messed up on ONE proposition and had to get a whole new ballot. I usually drive my completed one over the county elections office, just to be sure anyway, so got to hang out and fill it out again. They even have the little stickers if you ask. It was a gorgeous day so I took my friends dog with me on the way to the park. He voted straight shitzu. I heard that the signs in your neck of the woods -Austin- outnumber the others 15 to 1!
    tell Austin thanks for doing what they can….. Don’t know about you, but I have never been so bleedin obsessed with an election!


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