Sparkle on! Gocco and glitter.


Yesterday I finally got around to printing up my own Christmas cards. I used my gocco printer and dusted the wet ink with glitter…


not just any glitter, Martha's glitter. What's that you say, "glitter is glitter"? Well, you need to score some of this glitter for yourself to see it is so much more than your everyday glitter.


I moved the operation outside so I wouldn't find glitter in my next meal. It was about 70º, sunny  and Roscoe found a toasty sunspot to saw some logs while I listened to Christmas music and sprinkled away. And yes, I'm that queer that I listen to Christmas music when I am making my Christmas cards and decorating my tree.


Sparkle on!

3 thoughts on “Sparkle on! Gocco and glitter.

  1. Mona says:

    Pretty… and yes, while there was a, ‘Martha makes glitter too?’ moment that I had; there was not a ‘glitter is glitter’ one. Since Mom is an artist I learned early on there is a difference in supplies! I love raiding hers when I visit.
    It snowed in the night, about an inch? on the grass this morning… mostly gone now. It was enough that his highness refused to go outside and take care of things until he was crossing all four legs. He’s such a little weirdo! There is a perfectly good, always clean, back-up in the bathroom…. wish I could hold it for 14 or sometimes more, hours….
    Raining now, 33 outside, will be icky tonight…. I’ll get my toodling done early today… maybe I’ll put more snowflakes on the windows….


  2. Amanda says:

    Oh! I suspected you’d be doing this! I was telling one of my new coworkers who is planning to screenprint her cards about you and your gocco. I must admit I was watching football while decorating my tree, and reruns of Jon and Kate Plus 8 while making my cards. 🙂 But the Xmas music is playing in the car.
    PS – from what I can see in the pictures, our cards are freakishly similar..


  3. Kelly Belly says:

    I wish I lived closer to you so we cold spend more time together cooking, creating and laughing. I miss you so much between visits. xoxo


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