Woman “Tweets” but Does Not “Friend”

I've been re-reading The Shipping News and I am thinking in newspaper titles, hence the title of this post.

I blog, I'm on Ravelry and have even logged 143 Tweets. I do not however have a Facebook page … my sisters have encouraged me, saying things like, "so and so was asking about you… you should get on Facebook." Seriously, I have kept in touch with most everyone I want to, and don't relish the idea of reconnecting with people I never really connected with in the first place. That said, I have reconnected with old friends through this blog, which is a wonderful benefit, if not the ultimate goal. Besides, I once heard one of my younger co-workers say, "It's so weird to hear old people talking about Facebook."

I decided then and there that if I was too old to wear a mini skirt… I'm too old for Facebook. I realize as I write this that I may soon hear the boos & hisses of a few real-life friends.

5 thoughts on “Woman “Tweets” but Does Not “Friend”

  1. Amanda says:

    I just recently announced that I’ll soon be caving on this point. Because I’m changing jobs yet again and don’t want to lose touch with my lovely coworkers who have been hounding me about FB for the last six months. Ahh! Yep, we have stuff to catch up on when you’re here in a couple of weeks.
    Of note, I am probably of the “mini skirt-wearing age” but would never do so anyway cos I hate my stumpy thighs. That is all.


  2. LauraB69 says:

    (We met Sunday, knitting…)
    I concur on the Facebook stance. When the whole mess began I saw it as the natural inclination of the young to be Known and Noticed. I’ve been a geek a long time but that? No…no, thanks.
    As you say, if you wanted to still know them, you likely would. However, I really don’t care for Twitter, either.
    Again, it just feels so…needy. But then perhaps I haven’t that much to tweet. LOL


  3. Mona says:

    Hee! I did FB for a nanosecond, to keep up w/ nieces and nephews. Most college age. I did keep up w/ them, and I became concerned about the family ‘curse’ w/ one and the hours another one kept. hopefully that will change with graduation and responsibility. That it’s just a college thing, the drinking… hours aren’t that weird, and she’s an artist…
    I quit my FB account when I realized my even older than I friend (one in particular) were on there and obsessively updating, tweeting, etc… and had like 800 buddies or whatever. But she lives in the land of self obsessed, maybe that’s why….I do miss see the pictures of Amy and her son, but I will live. I, like you, figure if someone really wants to catch up with me they will, and if they want to find me after ‘all these years’ they will. I also don’t care for twitter, but I don’t do cell phones… (I’m sort of allergic to them, turn bright red and get nauseous using them )
    I love your blog… think it’s very zen… whatever I happen to think zen is, don’t know the proper definition. have a good one!


  4. Amber says:

    Welllllll, up until a few months ago, I refused to touch Facebook because it is the Devil. However, I allowed myself to be sucked into it under the guise of “business networking”. That was a lie and now I am gradually dealing with the discomfort of my entire high school graduating class befriending me. There was a reason I skipped those reunions people!


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