Vita-Mix or Vita-Nix?


I have been dreaming of buying one of these babies lately. Now, how to justify the whopping price tag…

Justification #1 I have outgrown my food processor I received as a wedding gift over 11 years ago. I want desperately to make dough for two pies at once, not one. I'm sure I do not to explain why this is better, do I?

Justification #2 The blender I received as gift for the above mentioned wedding whirs a lot more than it blends these days.

Justification #3 the combined price of a bigger better food processor and decent blender comes close (this may be a stretch) to cost of Vita-Mix Super 5200 with both dry and wet blade containers.

Justification #4 the 7-year warranty

Justification #5 Counter space, Counter space, Counter space

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