Fill it & They Will Come


Last week I went to Tractor Supply to buy a couple new hummingbird feeders, when I spied a feeder that looked just like one, but bright orange. It was an oriole feeder, hmmm, I want an oriole to come to my yard too. So I brought it home and filled the little pockets with jelly, the reservoir with sugar water ( apparently orioles are sugar freaks),  and skewered a couple orange halves through the hanger. I waited.

Sunday morning I was sitting out back drinking coffee and looked at the gaudy orange plastic thing just hanging there… I shook my head and thought… "what a rip off". Then my eyes moved up a branch or two and there was a FREAKING Baltimore Oriole in my damn tree. Woohoo. I hollered for DH to come look, and we just marveled at how the damn feeder had really worked, and how beautiful the bird was.

I've heard that the same is true for birdhouses… build it and they will come.
DH and I have a cool new birdhouse book and we are planning to have a
birdhouse making party in the next few weeks. We desperately want an
owl house, and a bluebird house.

Yes, I am aware of what an old lady I sound like…. just deal with it. Birds are cool, or there wouldn't be a birding app for my iphone, right?

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