Get Crackin’

No, this isn't my Monday morning battle cry, though it is 8:00 and I am still in my Pj's, I'm talking about eggs. Yesterday morning when weighing my breakfast options, I pulled out the asparagus that I had received in my CSA box. I actually arrived at the farm as KW was still harvesting. I chatted with him as he walked, knife in hand, through a field of grasses, he would bend down every sentence or so and come up with a tender spear of asparagus. When he had harvested a good handful he banded them together an handed them to me. Seriously, I have never seen such tender sweet asparagus spears in my life.

So, for breakfast, what I came up with was a hash brown nest with asparagus, garden fresh tomatoes, scrambled eggs with hollandaise, and english muffins with orange honey butter. I decided to go scrambled instead of poached to use the whites left over from the hollandaise. Those extra whites sure made some fluffy scrambled eggs. And I might add, a wonderful way to watch stage 7 of Le Tour de France.

I used this easy hollandaise recipe.


One thought on “Get Crackin’

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh my, with a cup of that tasty coffee you guys keep on hand, I’m sure. I am eyeing that breakfast plate with such agony I can’t even tell you. Sigh.


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