stumped by peas

I've lived in Texas for a long time now, and wanted to live here even longer. Sometimes I am reminded that I am not from here, and one of those moments came this weekend with the arrival of purple hull peas in my CSA. Today I will search for recipes… bet these would be nice with chow chow. One more checked off item on my southern cooking initiation list… wish there were badges for these kinds of things.

DH is out of town and had to stop myself from finding things to do around the house yesterday, I drove out to Yarnorama  to sit and knit with the Paige Purls. It was the most relaxing 3 hours in a while. I realized how much I enjoy this and need to do this more.

2 thoughts on “stumped by peas

  1. Andrea says:

    You might want to check out the homesicktexans blog post today. Her post and yours made for an odd juxtaposition just now…


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