Sing a Song of Six

Today marks 6 years that I have been prattling on in this space. Seriously, who'd have thunk I had this much to say about knitting, cooking, and digging in the dirt? I guess this year I'll be needing to add weaving & printing to that list. No rest for the wicked. One of the coolest things about this experience has been discovering other women who inspire me daily. Curl up with a cup of coffee tomorrow morning and takea few moments to visit the blogs you see to the right under "Blogs I Heart" before you start your day. You'll see what I mean.

4 thoughts on “Sing a Song of Six

  1. Amber says:

    Oh happy, happy anniversary!!! Six years! Every time you have a new post I am thankfull all over again that I “stumbled upon” your blog however long ago.
    Your photos and projects delight me, and you inspire me in so many ways. Thanks for doing what you do, and here’s to many more happy blogging years!


  2. Retha says:

    Congrats, Stacey & happy blogging anniversary! And you do have a great list of blogs you heart…that I have come to heart, too! Luvya!


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