Red, White & Blueberry

Well, the counters are finished and most everything is back in place. I love them even more than I thought I would. Here are some before & after shots





… one of my favorite new things is the ginormous cast iron sink that was freecycled from the dumpster of one of Steve's jobsites. She cleaned up beautifully and is adorned with a swanky new faucet.


aah, the bluberries? This morning we called a couple friends to join us at Chickamaw Farm, a pick your own organic bluberry farm about 13 miles down the road in McDade. Today was the first day of bluberry picking season at Chickimaw Farm.The McCranie family grows blueberries, blackberries and strawberries, raises grassfed beef and also catfish. If you're in the Austin area load up and drive out the Chickamaw Farm to pick some berries and enjoy some early summer sunshine. Bring cash.

The following is from an email received from the fine folks at Chickamaw Farm.

Howdy,  Well it's that time o' the year again:  BERRY PICKING SEASON.  Surprisingly we have a fine crop in spite of the weather.  Season will open this coming Monday (Labor Day) and will proceed until the berries are picked out.  Of course we are open on the weekends especially but if you need a special "other time" please telephone.  The gate usually open on Saturday mornings when the first "pickers" arrive.  Please bring a hat and closed toe shoes are better.  We provide good well water and shade if you need or want it.  Remember it is dreadful out there mid day so choose your time of arrival to suit your comfort.  If you do not mind please bring something to put the berries in to take home.  We provide paper sacks but stable sided containers are safer for travel.  Anyhow, if you like blueberries be assured there's excellent ones out this way.  Guaranteed!  Should there be any problem or difficulty on the way out or should there be any question please telephone 512.567.3456.




This just may become a Memorial Day tradition. I'm pretty sure blueberry cobbler is for dessert tonight.


3 thoughts on “Red, White & Blueberry

  1. Amber says:

    Oh my GOSH!!! The kitchen looks freakin’ fantastic and those blueberries are perfect.
    Every picture was so wonderful and happy, I kind of wanted to rub my face against my computer screen. Just so you know…


  2. F. M. VanLandingham says:

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! Did you and Steve do all the work? Makes my dinky little old kitchen look pathetic. In fact, your garden looks great too. Genetic green thumbs….maybe?


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