Hellooooo Friday

It's one of those warm afternoons that make being inside nose pressed to a monitor PAINFUL. Luckily we have plenty of those days here. I want to be home throwing the ball to Callie and smelling my tomato leaves. I'm already dreaming of tomato pie, dilly beans, and quick pickle cucumbers.

Had a great visit with my little sister last weekend.




We spent some time at Universal Studios costume department


Ate lunch at Forage a Silverlake restaurant that buys food from local farms and a network of backyard gardens and fruit trees, which they call their home growers circle


Huevos Divorciados. Funny name for a dish that would make anyone love the person who made it for them even more.


This is Happy, no really, his name is Happy.


We couldn't decide… so we didn't.

Left to Right: lemon chiffon meringue cake, flourless chocolate tort, strawberry rhubarb galette.


Visited this yarn store for more Koigu spent a little time knitting up some more of these squares for my Barn Raiser Quilt.

aaaand had Jessie model my recently finished Nefertem… lovely on her, but it's all mine.




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