Pop Pop

This morning the muffled pops of not so distant gunfire were heard while drinking coffee out back, reminding us it was dove season once again. Fall is coming!

While cooler fall weather may be more than a few weeks away, my mind is swirling with all the projects I want to knit. Or crochet even.

This hat has been a great diversion (or side trip) from this shawl

The side trip is almost to an end. 


Pattern: Flora Poste's Cap
Yarn: Shibui Alpaca
Needle: US 2 and 3 16" addi lace

The shawl… I really had no desire to knit this pattern before I saw Melissa's three-color Bridgewater on Ravelry. Inspired, I immediatley frogged another project and cast on for Bridgewater as soon as I could. Melissa was kind enough to allow me to grab some of her photos to post here. Such beautiful color choices.




I'm knitting mine in Madelinetosh Prairie also…



Turquoise for the center Square. I won't lie, this center square is one big square of snoozy garter stitch, but I'm so pleased with the size and drape of it, that it was worth trudging through.


Wilted Rose for the Horeshoe Lace Frame. Picking up the edges of the sqaure was a bit hinky, but all stiches are ready to to roll. Last weekend I was on a weekend trip with friends and knew the lace pattern would require more attention than I had to give. The good news is that this frame is only 39 rows. 39 looong rows that is.


and Nutmeg for the Knitted on Lace Edging

Speaking of last weekend I did persuade my friends to stop in Comfort so I could go to The Tinsmith's Wife. Love this shop. They recently moved into the old general store building next door. The new store seems larger, but with lots of cozy nooks to sit and knit.




One thought on “Pop Pop

  1. Melissa says:

    I’ve been excited to see this post & here it finally is! If you haven’t used Prairie before, Stacey, I think you will love it (I hope you do!).
    And the colors you chose ~ oooo, aaah, and then OH!! & Goosebumps as I scrolled by color #1, #2 and then saw #3 ~ THIS will be amazing!
    I’m making Quill right now which has another dull garter square center but man, I can’t wait til I get to the edging!
    And what’s not to love about that shop?? How can you not stop and sit and knit awhile when you walk into a place like that!!
    Thanks for sharing my shawl & I can’t wait to see yours 🙂


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