Inspiration: Color

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Obviously the best inspiration for all your color decisions is your own backyard, a forest trail, flower market, local yarn store or city block. But let’s face it, most times you’re stuck in a tall building, nose pressed against a monitor, with little chance of being transported to any of these places anytime soon. Sometimes I “shop” my Instagram for  vintage signs and packaging color ideas. Most often I browse through the well curated color palettes created by Jessica Colaluca of Design Seeds. I find this site an invaluable tool when stumped, and sometimes send links or screenshots of these palettes to clients. It’s much easier to convey color visually than with descriptive words. Whodathunk?

2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Color

  1. Hollister Hallmark says:

    Stacey, I’m so enjoying your posts; you’re opening up a world of ideas for me. I love the color palettes used to identify the color blends in plant designs. I use paint chips as bookmarks. For some reason, a pure burst of color boosts my mood so whenever I open the book I’m reading, I’m reminded of that brilliant orange, or sage green (etc.) and I’m gladdened.


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