A Small Windfall of Tomatoes & Knowledge


Assorted cherry tomatoes from Little Bluestem Farm, San Marcos, Texas.

I wish I could say these cherry tomatoes are from my own garden, but my teeny crop of four plants could never produce such a bounty as this in just one harvest. These tomatoes hail from a farm that a friend (and fellow productioneer) owns with her husband and two daughters. Shoot, I meant to oven dry these last night.

This podcast on developing a Pinterest strategy is very helpful and chockfull of  good ideas. Guest Megan Auman’s idea that Pinterest is an amazing way for a a small business to create a lifestyle magazine (for free) for their brand made perfect sense to me. I love that she suggests creating specific detailed customer profiles with names. I imagine it’s a bit like a novelist creating a character for a novel. What’s her name? Age? Favorite color? Where does she vacation? What does she wear? I know it sounds maybe a little bit creepy, but I think it would be a fun exercise if nothing else. The use of imagination and profile building appeals to me. To be 100% honest, I’m surprised by how much I liked this sharing of ideas. I don’t normally gush about podcasts about marketing strategies, but I found this one so very interesting. Click here to see Elise’s whole catalogue of podcasts… also enjoy her blog. I do.

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