So, THIS happened this weekend


Meet Emmett. The last thing, and I mean the very last thing we were looking to do was look for another pet… especially with one very sick dog. But they usually find us, don’t they? This tiny nugget has a loud purr and an even louder voice. My current obsession with Outlander had me spouting off Scottish names like Dougal McTavish, McKenzie and Angus   to match his ginger coat. All of these were met with blank stares from the husband. He will never know how close he came to having to live with a cat named Jamie McKenzie Fraser…I’m that thoughtful. We were concerned about Rosoce having to deal with a pesky kitten this summer, but he is very interested in this little guy. I guess it can be his pet.


Saturday our friends Elizabeth & Shane were married in Rochelle, Texas. It was an lovely Hill Country evening with horses running in the pasture below, barbecue and a country band. A great time was had by all.  I stamped this cake server for them.


Made this recipe last night…wish I’d like tripled the recipe, it was so good. I grilled it instead of roasting though. It is summer in Texas, and truth be told.. i love a little char on most things this time of year.


Still knitting this, and am enjoying this yarn so much. Knitting Mojo still in working order.


… weaving mojo too. This warp is like a thousand times cleaner than my previous effort. I’m weaving a table runner out of cotton/linen warp and a boucle for the weft. I’m really liking the fabric that’s being created on the loom.

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