Sunday Laundry & Cat Naps


Cousin Emmett enjoying a Sunday nap in the kitchen.

IMG_5704I have been reading Everything You Ever Wanted by Jillian Lauren. Note to Self: I need to read for pleasure much morewhen did I stop? I’m not usually a fan of memoirs, but I was swayed by raves by this blogger. Her book is about adoption, her own and that of her son. She tells her story in a way that is both sweet, fierce and very human… full of emotion without being sappy. I don’t talk much in this space about the years my sister and I spent in foster care (three and a half) and our adoption when I was 8. Not that it’s hard or embarrassing, but at times when I sit down to plink something out it never seems to do justice to the profound sadness and absolute joy that swirl around these events… for everyone touched adoption. I can remember how much I missed our mother once I realized why the nice lady brought us to stay with a British family in the New York countryside, and the excitement I felt when we were shown the photo album of our soon to be new family in Colorado. Like I said, I don’t share much about this here… maybe some day I will.

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