My Parents Were Once Cooler Than I’ll Ever Be

My sister Kelly just uploaded a few images of our parents I’d asked for. This one above is a lesson to all kids who think their parents were born only to be their parents, that they had no life prior to their arrival. Our family may history may be complicated, but these images remind me that my parents were once super cool, had big dreams, and loved each other. This is a band publicity shot, wish I knew who the other guys were. The woman, of course, is my mother Toni, the tall man in front with the striped pants is my father Bob. Since he is wearing a wedding ring I can assume it is after I was born, and that her frock looks an awful lot like a maternity dress… which would mean my sister Kelly is also in this picture.

Below are scans (or a photo) of contact prints of our parents, perhaps a little younger than in the above image. These were a surprise, as I have never seen these before. These shots appear to be candid, which makes them even sweeter, especially since I have no recollection of seeing them interact with each other. Those pigtails!

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