Homegrown Tomatoes, How do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways (continued)

2 In tomato pie. When I was 19 I lived in the San Diego area and frequented a place called Piret’s mostly for their tomato tarts and cappuccinos. To say they were amazing would not do them justice.

The closest I’ve come to recreating the experience of those perfect little tarts is baking a tomato pie with the very best tomatoes I can find.

Early 1980’s Southern California was a pretty exciting time for food. I was a live-in nanny and was lucky enough to be able to shop for baby eggplants and squash blossoms at the legendary Chino Farm’s Vegetable Shop. Read about the world’s most famous farm stand here.

My go-to recipe for tomato pie is by Vivian Howard. Believe me when I tell you that roasting half of the tomatoes is worth it. And don’t skimp on caramelizing the onions. It is also worth the time and effort. If you must cut a corner somewhere use a store-bought crust. No shame in that game.

Also, use Duke’s mayonnaise, and gruyere and cheddar is another favorite combo. I normally use basil and thyme, but think dill would be amazing, perhaps with ricotta and fontina?

Recipe link  here

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