Maybe September

September is finally here! I realize it may be a while before the leaves start turning, but a girl can dream, can’t she? The light changes have been announcing September’s eventual arrival for weeks now.

I have been planning, designing, printing, stamping, and packaging new Bean & Noodle Printery letterpress cards and Potluck Tableware for the Holidays. It took me a while but finally understand the benefit of using these slow end of Summer days to get ready for Fall craft shows, retail, and my online shop.

For now, it’s still Summer and you may want to check out this genius recipe for Unripe Nectarine Slaw with Chile, Fennel, and Blue Cheese. If you’re like me and always I have rock hard peaches and plums waiting to ripen, this may be just the Hail Mary recipe you needed for a Labor Day cookout.

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