Hedgehogs, Squirrels & Snails… oh My!

Craft the Seasons by French artist Nathalie Lété.

I’ll admit to fangirling and being easily swayed by an Instagram post on @looplondonloves of Helena Bonham Carter clutching a copy while shopping at Loop. I was intrigued by the cover art enough to order one. Yes, I usually do judge a book by its cover.

When I received my copy I was struck by its whimsy and beauty so much I quickly ordered one for my niece for Christmas, thinking she’d like it too. The projects in the book are meant to be cut out and used. If I can ever bring myself to pull these pages apart I may need another copy to have one intact. This book is so lovely. IMHO it would be appreciated by all ages 7+.


Buy the book Craft the Seasons by Nathalie Lété
Website Nathalie-lete.com
Instagram @nathatlie_lete
Loop website loopknittingshop.com
Instagram @looplondonloves

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