Letterpressed Plant Marker Tutorial

Tools & Supplies

2 lb. brass hammer link
Steel Letter Stamping Set link
Rubber Mallet (for flattening if needed) link
Ink Pad & Post Its for testing letters to be sure you are right side up*
Polishing Cloth link
Polishing Pads link
Safety goggles
Isopropyl alcohol
Painters or highlighter tape
Block for stamping (hard wood or metal)
Vintage silver-plated spoons or forks
Plant markers like these or these

While there are many font options available at craft and jewelry making stores, I find these are my go to stamps.

Shop here or here for other fonts

* These items are gonna save you a lot of frustration. Please note that it’s smart to have a few extra markers or spoons on hand, because you will make some mistakes. Believe me, I have a large collection of bloopers, but I keep them on hand for testing.

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