Double Feature Happiness

I love seeing the resurgence of drive-in movies that have popped up in response to the pandemic. Earlier this month Walmart announced it would create virtual summer camps and drive-in movie theaters at 160 of their stores. 

It occurs to me that there are people who have never experienced the joy of going to the drive-in movie in their pajamas. My sister and I would take baths, slip on our pajamas, and load into the station wagon. We would back into our spot, hook up our crackly tinny speakers, and watch the movie on our bellies. The car smelled of Ivory soap, popcorn, and line dried blankets. It’s like a pajama party in your car, but not scary because your parents are there. The lineup was usually a double feature, one for the kids and one for the grown-up after the kids nodded out. 

Watch some vintage refreshment stand ads that played before and at intermission here

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