Molly Alexander: The Five Question Interview

Molly Alexander and her partner Gary Luedecke opened the doors at The Owl Wine Bar & Home Goods Store in late 2012 and it quickly became a gathering place for Elginites and visitors alike. After such a wonderful response from the community they opened G&M Drygoods just down Main Street. Both shops are mainstays in our community and Elgin’s Main Street. Molly lives in downtowm Elgin with her two cats Moby and Jacques.

1. Why did you move to Elgin? 

I moved from Dallas, TX to Elgin in June, 1990 to become Elgin’s Main Street Manager.  I fell in love with the community immediately and am proud to call it my home.

2.  What compelled you to create a business in Elgin?

Everyone in town wanted a healthy, vibrant downtown full or retail shops and restaurants.  In 2012 Gary and I had what we thought was a great retail business idea and we believed change needed to start with us so we decided to open The Owl.

3. Tell me three things you’ve learned in the past five years.

  • Being outdoors brings me great joy and is part of my mental and physical well-being.  I have learned how to paddle board and adore being on the water! We also bought 10 acres of land near Elgin and I love, love, love walking among the pine and oak trees, listening and watching the birds, coyotes and other wildlife.
  • It’s time to finish our home projects so we can enjoy some downtime. Gary and I have spent the past 8 years building The Owl and G&M DRGYOODS. In our free time we have worked renovating our home in Galveston. It is time to finish our Galveston house so we can enjoy visiting the island and all it has to offer!
  • I miss my closest friends!  With covid-19 I miss hanging with my closest friends, getting hugs and catching up in person.

4. What are you currently making, reading, watching, or listening to?

I just finished Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson, a great book about the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. I am currently watching Man in the High Castle on Prime and I am listening to some of my favorite records – Dina Washington, Cat Stevens and Miles Davis.  When it comes to making – Gary and I are building a downstairs apartment in our Galveston home, building an outdoor shower at our new property and I am working to finish remodeling my building in Elgin.

5. Cake or Pie?

I have celiac disease so either if it is gluten-free!  Give me a great flourless chocolate cake, or a tart lemon or cherry pie! 

The Owl Wine Bar & Home Goods + G&M Dry Goods

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