Friday Favorites: Love’s in Need of…


The origins of Valentine’s Day may be dark and mostly disputed, but this article sheds a little light on all the possible origin stories.


Here is a link to my Sweet Love Valentine Playlist on Spotify & Apple Music


Please download and enjoy my annual Free Print & Tuck Downloadable Valentine. Download them here.

Print, fold, and tuck these cheeky valentines into lunches, pockets, and laptop bags. Print on copy paper or card stock and slip into a 4 Bar size envelope (or not). Be sure to print in landscape mode and at the best quality your home printer can output. 


In case you’re curious where the fork the term “spooning” came from.


I’ve been buying old Harlequin Romance novels for a project and I came across this story of a couple who recreated the covers of romance novels as part of an exhibition for International Women’s Day in 2011. So fun!

Read more about the history of Harlequin Romance novels.

Oh, and Happy Lunar New Year!

I just love this Lunar New Year stamp series by The US Postal Service. 2021 is the Year of the Ox. You can find 2020 Year of the Rat stamps on Etsy if you’re keen to start collecting them.

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