Martina (Sunnie) Gonzales: The FIVE QUESTION INTERVIEW

Sunnie is the proud owner of Twelve Star Massage and active member of the Chamber of Commerce.  She opened her own practice in the fall of 2017 in her hometown of Elgin, Texas. Healing is one of her passions and she loves to learn different modalities and to educate herself in holistic healing.  She dreams to travel to different countries like Thailand and Peru to learn new massage techniques and energy work.  In her spare time she likes to do yoga, hula hoop, snorkel, and explore the different state parks here in Texas and hike.

1. Why did you choose to live in Elgin?  

I think it would be easier to say I’m just from here! I chose Elgin because I already had a clientele built from working at Heavenly Hair from 2010-2013.

2. What compelled you to create a business in Elgin? 

I had been a licensed massage therapist since 2009. In 2017 I decided I wanted to have my own massage company, with Austin being saturated with massage it was an easy choice when picking a location for 12 Star Massage. 

3. Tell me three things you’ve learned in the past five years.

  1. Everything really does happen for a reason.
  2. If they wanted to, they would.
  3. Be humble and grateful and believe in the process.

4. What are you currently making, reading, watching, or listening to?

I have a few embroidery projects on working on. Also I’m reading a book about scared smoke and smudging to prepare for my vision quest in April. 

5. Cake or Pie?

I love pie! Key lime is my favorite! Pecan, pumpkin and blueberry are a close second.

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