Elizabeth Marzec: The Five Question Interview

Elizabeth Marzec wearing one of her whimsical headbands.

As Program Manager for Elgin Parks & Recreation, Elizabeth Marzec’s creativity shines. When she’s not applying for grants, training and managing recreation center staff, lifeguards, and coordinating community volunteers, she creates and facilitates many unique events, programs, and classes for the Elgin community. In her spare time she creates whimsical pieces to wear, paints, and is a self-confessed dabbler.

She is an avid reader, gardener, and loves to travel.

1. Why did you move to Elgin? 

I went to university in Georgetown, TX and liked the small town vibe, so after living and working in downtown Austin for half a decade, my fiancé and I decided we wanted to buy a house in a town near Austin. We looked at a few towns and finally settled on Elgin because of all of the things it offered. There were events and programs, and a sense of vibrancy that we didn’t see in any of the other towns that we looked at.

2. What compels you to spend time creating?

Creativity is the spice of life. I create to keep my imagination sharp, to express my creativity, to explore new ideas. To be frank, I don’t have a picture of what my life would look like without a creative outlet. I’m fortunate that in my chosen career I get to express my creativity in a number of different ways.

3. Tell me three things you’ve learned in the past five years.

  1. You’re nothing without your community. Find your people and build those relationships.
  2. Burn out is real, and self-care is necessary. You can only help others when you take care of yourself first.
  3. Most people love to help, partner or collaborate on projects, you just have to ask.

4. What are you currently making, reading, watching, or listening to?

Lately I’ve been playing with resin in order to preserve flowers, but I’m still learning about it. Otherwise I’ve been practicing water colors and line drawings. When it comes to crafting, I’m a bit of a dabbler, so the house is always full of the strange and unusual. That, and true crime podcasts.

5. Cake or Pie?

Cake for sure, but it has to be home made with real icing… or even better, fruit! Something I’m currently planning on is baking a cake and soaking at least one layer in Elgin Meadery’s Strawberry and Vanilla mead, then layering it with cream and strawberries! 


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