Friday Favorites

Screen capture from episode 11

Something about this Youtube Series has us riveted at Chez Vee. Watching designer, adventurer, and filmmaker Martijn Doolaard work methodically and slowly on his cabin in the Alps is soothing and fascinating.

The notes for episode #11 describe what most would think the most boring video ever. I dare you to not get hooked, if only for the breathtaking views.

#11 “Spring is coming, but not just yet”

The first birds have arrived. I’m finishing the kitchen in the inner cabin, in which I’m spending more time because it’s getting colder again. I’m hauling more wood in for the scaffolding and crane for the roof renovation.

0:00 Intro
4:07 Preparing boards for the indoor kitchen
5:16 Temporary plumbing
9:35 Roof / crane talk
18:20 Trip to the saw mill
22:10 Outro talk

This recipe Chicken Tsatziki Bowls by Half Baked Harvest is on the menu for dinner tonight.
. . . . .
Rounding corners one by one can be pretty hard on your palm and fingers. This hack is genius.

These poems

Friday’s Philavery


being equal in stupidity

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