Watching and Knitting: Bad Sisters

Bad Sisters

Sharon Horgan’s dark comedy has the same fierceness as Pulling and Catastrophe, both co-created by Horgan. Her talent for creating and writing comedy roles for women is unrivaled.

Bad Sisters is about the five Garvey sisters and begins with the death of one of their husbands, whom the other four sisters refer to as “The Prick”. The opening credits with PJ Harvey singing Leonard Cohen’s Who by Fire is inspired. The soundtrack is amazingly eclectic with tunes from The Pogues (it is Irish after all), Fiona Apple, and Stringbean.  Apple TV+ Watch the trailer

The Durrells in Corfu 

I watched this on a recommendation and it’s surprisingly funny. The series is based on a true story and series of novels by the youngest Durrell about their widowed mother transplanting them from England to the island of Corfu. The sister Margo has quickly become my favorite Durrell. PBS and Amazon Prime Watch the trailer

Current WIPS

Crocheting a lovely shell stitch scarf with this beautiful Louisa Harding Giardino in Rosabella. I made a granny square throw with this yarn and think this scarf should use up the 3 remaining balls. IMHO this yarn looks better crocheted than knit.

I’m still deciding whether I want to knit more wooly garlands to have enough to sell this holiday season. They sold well last year, almost too well… which leads me to believe I was charging too little. I may just knit fewer and limit them to a couple holiday markets… though pretty sure I sold out in 2 hours at Luna Market.

Watching & Knitting: My Six Favorite Movies About Fall

Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal “When Harry Met Sally”

Man oh man I love the first day of FALL! We actually woke up to a crisp morning and the full Harvest Moon still floating in the sky. Just a perfect morning drinking coffee outside with the dogs chatting it up with their friends next door. The first day of fall means longer nights and more watching & knitting. Extra time for gift knitting and classic fall movies make for the coziest of evenings.

On my needles right now… fall leaves bunting and loopy garland for some pop-ups this season. I’m searching for the perfect simple poncho pattern… not a folded rectangle, but one with a proper V neck.

I set out to list 5 movies, but could not leave any of these out as I love them all and watch them each and every year.

  1. Practical Magic Sister witches!
  2. The Wonder Boys Read this post
  3. When Harry Met Sally IMHO the very best romantic comedy ever!
  4. Fantastic Mr. Fox I’ve made more than one person watch this. Wes Anderson’s retelling of Roald Dahl’s classic 1970 children’s novel is nothing short of brilliant. Foxes in underwear!
  5. Ordinary People I asked to go see this for my 16th birthday. I was a weird teenager.
  6. Election Reese Witherspoon is as fierce as Mathew Broderick is pathetic.

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Friday Favorites: waffle house, a piano, and a recipe

The folks at Bitter Southerner published a hardcover book of Micah’s photographs from inside Waffle Houses all over the South which first appeared on their website in 2019. Waffle House Vistas is currently sold out, but you can get on the list to be notified when avaialble.

Looking to get lost down another rabbit hole? Turn off your TV and log on to for a deep dive into Americana. Folkstream’s catalog includes documentaries of foodways, quilting, blacksmithing, music, and more.

If you’re looking for something to watch this weekend the Australian mini-series Upright is a fearless, hilarious, and sweet road trip across the Nullarbor with a down on his luck musician, a runaway, and a piano. I’m embarrassed to say it took me until the third episode to realize the title was about the piano. Available here.

I’m on a quest to try find the best one pot pasta dishes. Why can’t all recipes be this cute? Recipe link here

I would spend dusk in this glowing treehouse every day.

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