“A” is for Acorn for Albert

I’ve just finished this adorable acorn hat for young Albert, whose parents L&S are expecting him in July. I will start his blanket this weekend, and then get working on gifts for K&G’s new bay due later this summer, they just found out it’s aboy too. I was soooo hoping it would be a girl ‘cuz I want to knit a blanket in this super yummy persimmon (at least that’s what the folks at Cascade yarn call it) colored wool.*(note color #824) I guess I will have to knit a throw for my own damn self.

I’ve been worrying about what to do with my myself between baby shower and Xmas gift season. As freaking hot as it gets in Austin, I can’t stand the thought of not knitting for the summer. I believe my little Stitch n’ Bitch group will be knitting some preemie hats and baby blankets for local charities so our needles don’t get rusty.

3 thoughts on ““A” is for Acorn for Albert

  1. toni says:

    i think the acorn hat is about the cutest thing i have ever seen…i hope you post a pic that includes the lucky baby. your wildflower shots are a bright explosion of wonder…proud doesn’t even begin to say it…sleeve


  2. Retha says:

    My you’re busy! These are great! Don’t worry about not having anything to knit over the summer … I would love a big shawl to wrap up in & I love the persimmon 824…in fact I love ’em all! & I’ll be happy to make a contribution to the yarn cookie jar, too! Luvya! Retha


  3. Retha says:

    O-M-G!!! Stacey! I just saw your wildflower shots! They are exquisite! And Roscoe is such a little boo-boo–wish I could just squeeze him! Oh, his little toys are so cute! We got new toys for Trixie & Fella which they will not touch! Still going for the sad & muddies, too. BTW…Angel just found the envelope with the CD in it–it had fallen behind the workbench. Good kitty! Will mail it out this week! Enjoying your music selections here, too! Luvya! Retha


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