FroggedSo I began knitting a blanket with a simple eyelet pattern for Albert, but soon realized I’d counted wrong and the thing just looked shitty. The eyelet pattern is straight rows, but you can see mine…are not. This made me think…do I go forward, pay attention and hope noone notices the fuck up, I mean it’s only a few rows—or do I start over with another pattern, because I just don’t want to pay that much attention? Did I mention the showers in 2 weeks? I’ve decided on a simple stockinete with seed stitch border.
I am off to acupuncture appointment because my back hurts and I’m shuffling around the house like Fred Sanford. Had to take Bean to the vet AGAIN…no rest for the weary.

2 thoughts on “Frogged

  1. Kelly Belly says:

    Maybe if you continued with the current pattern and just made more random mistakes? That way it would be more of an abstract pattern? Like I would do that. I’ve restarted the same thing 6 times because my stitches aren’t exactly perfect. Freak.


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