Project Monogamy

I’m serious, up until now I have been able to maintain a strictly monogamous relationship with each and every piece I knit. So far I’ve been able to give each stitch my full attention and care, but I picked up the teddy because I started to worry about finishing the blue blanket by the shower. Because of this I finally have a WIPs gallery, albeit small. I have to say it doesn’t feel right…I’m the kind of gal who likes to see a project through to the end one at a time. Am I a freak?

I’m sorry but my garden is looking just freaking beautiful, please see latest photos.

One thought on “Project Monogamy

  1. mothership says:

    freak? no just a freakin artist…love the wildflower newbies…especially 5220…have the most incredible urge to dodge and burn its private parts…will post it in lost and found if it works out…love and don’t forget…outadabara…mom

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