Green Grass & Fried Pies

Potluckevite2Big weekend plans. DH and I thought we’d have a little get-together at our home before we make holes in walls, remove the casino royale carpet, and raise the foundation. We spent the weekend doing chores to get the house, well, a little more presentable. We were outside most of yesterday and it was hot as shit, so I got a little cranky. Our fences are smothered with honeysuckle, jasmine and virgina creeper and the front flower beds are awesome. April’s a good time to have a party in Texas before the grass is toasted and blooms spent. I’ve ordered a mess of fried pies and plan on plenty of rootbeer and big red floats (this is a new one to me). Just finishing the baby bolero form “One Skein”. I knit it with Blue Sky dyed organically grown cotton in Lotus….a very hot pink. Keeping an eye peeled for a special skein of yarn for my Secret Pal.

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