Liza Jane

Liza_janeWell, it’s official, she has a name. She got a relatively clean bill o’ health from the vet (exept for the expected parasite population), and I’ve convinced DH to give her a try in our home. Our dogs are getting along with her so well, even feeding time is calm..whew! She does keep climbing out to sleep under the jasmine under the guest room window, even though I’ve explained that there is even MORE jasmine and honeysuckle out back. I dosed her with a little Rescue Remedy to try to make her feel more at ease. She slept inside last night, probably the coolest night she’d spent in God knows how long. Tonight, a bath now that her fleas are killed dead.
I was home at lunch (giving the dogs some relief from the damn heat) and I had received a package from my Secret Pal… saved it to open when I get home tonight.

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