Buttercup1_2Apparently I am a stray dog magnet. This sweetie, who I am calling Buttercup has decided she may want to live here. I’m doing what I can to find her a home. She followed us home yesterday when we were walking the dogs and refuses to leave, she also refuses to be locked in the yard….hmmm. She is sooo sweet, but am unsure about leaving her alone with my dogs. See “Labahoula’s” gallery at left to see the other critters I ended up fostering for almost a month. I am a sucker, plain and simple.
DH woke up Friday morning and announced, no proclaimed that he was going to have fun this weekend, he was tired of spending the whole weekend working on the house. What did we do instead? We hung sheetrock… like I was surprised. I did manage to finish (quickly with my morning coffee) a MDK Ballband Warshcloth…and have stash ready to knit some more.

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