Boxing Day

Dsc07163_1 I woke up this morning just so thrilled to find such a golden sunny morning. The air is a bit chilly (evident in my three dog’s reluctance to wake from their slumber) but the sun is a warm butterscotch. We had such a great day yesterday. We had a few friends and their dogs. We are the house that everyone brings their dogs, we had one dog for every person. Maybe that’s why they are so sleepy.
DH (santa) gave me the most wonderful bunch of artwork….pics later. I was also gifted with a swift and my friends found an old ladie’s stash of knitting needles, in their silk roll and all. Notice there is actually a bit of teensy knitting on on of the willowy double pointeds. This gift is such a treasure.

Proof that I am indeed knitting these days.


…and I have finally powered up the Singer, if only for draft dodgers….a necessity in an old drafty house.


4 thoughts on “Boxing Day

  1. Kelly says:

    Oh that’s right … now I remember … you got your third doggie this summer. Your x-mas tree is almost as small as mine this year šŸ˜‰


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