Capricorns Rule!

47711894family1968staceyonhelensporch_3Today is my birthday….obviously this photo was taken more than a couple years ago… It’s remarkable how many of the crafty bloggers I read regularly are also celebrating birthdays this week… Happy Birthday ladies. Sadly my birthday has fallen on the magazine’s final deadline. Maybe not too much fun, but there is a cake and some flowers from my fellow production folk. I think tonight I will get in my pajamas and make some pancakes for dinner (think the hubbie will be home late too), soak in a hot tub, watch ANYTHING on TV and knit. These are the kinda birthdays one dreads at 25, but relishes at 42. wow, 42.

3 thoughts on “Capricorns Rule!

  1. Retha says:

    happy birthday!…yikes! i’m hoping at least half of those silly e-cards i sent to give you giggle-fits got caught in your spam trap…forgot you’re always deadlining on your birthday…oops! solly. luvya! retha


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