WORST dog mom ever

I have already managed to not keep my New Year’s resolution to wake up earlier (more often) and walk the dogs before work. I can’t believe I could resist this face this morning….so sad. I’ll excuse myself ‘cuz it’s deadline…but it is unfair. Callie, I promise to get home as early as possible to walk you today…rain or shine, looks like rain.

I plan to start my first adult size sweater this weekend (finally) and sew a cushion cover for my porch swing. I will be testing recipes for work this weekend… migas, granola, blacberry blue corn muffins, and pear rosemary bread. I also need to plant some iris bulbs, even if it’s late. Not a bad way to spend a cold (by Texas standards), rainy, three day weekend.

The longer I live in Texas the more I am ready for Spring to begin the DAY after my birthday. I mean, without the snow…winter can be bleak.

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