Okay I just had to stop knitting the afore mentioned sweater. I just thought I might die of boredom with the miles of stockinette…not to mention the curling at the hem. I think this can work well with a much chunkier yarn but is rather annoying in a worsted weight. I have my ideal sweater in mind: shawl collar, medium bulky, top down, raglan sleeves….any ideas? I did manage to get half the back done and then frogged it. I was deliberating over this with my elderly neighbor, Julia, who is 88 years and lives alone. She has a closet full of hand crocheted full size blankets and she advised me that if I wasn’t going to wear it… stop now. Good advice. She also spent some time speculating about whether the elderly woman (in her late seventies I think) across the street was sleeping with the man who is staying with her…. I managed to change the subject.

I am knitting the last two blocks of my Moderne Log Cabin Blanket. I would love to finish this before I start another big project… and think I will.

I’m off today, celebrating my birthday a week late. The magazine gives us a day off for our birthday but I was in deadline, so opted to take today while DH was in Mexico. Big gobs of alone time and a shorter to do list for the long weekend than usual. I’ve learned.

The list includes: note that some items did get scratched off the list!
Buy a disposable camera to take some shots of recent projects (camera needs fixing)

• Paint my bathroom a soft "Oil of Olay" pink

• Repaint living room accent wall

Move desk in office

Drop of DH’s already boxed up end of year business stuff with accountant

• Goodwill trip to unload and pick up wool sweaters to felt

Fabric shopping

Sew anything

Decide on next knitting project

• Pick up ball winder at Hill Country Weavers… and of course enhance stash

See a movie

Prepare Potage Parmentier (inspired by reading Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen) see right

I’m sure that the list of things I actually do will not reflect this one at all, but at least I have a plan. Since this is an extra day I will only do the fun stuff today, chore-like stuff over the weekend.

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