peekaboo sun

I am so excited to see the sun this morning, it’s been well over aweek since the sun has been out for more than an couple hours. This is truly freakish in Texas. DH is still surfing in Mexico despite an ordeal with the weather and flights leaving San Antonio. I do love my time alone, well with 3 dogs and a cat.
Yesterday I…..

• stitched up my first project from Denyse Schmidt’s book. It’s a cool oven mitt with flames and pom poms. I do need to finish the cuff by hand…a bit unwieldy for my machine.

• rigged up and started adding to a compost bin

• prepared chicken orzo soup

• baked brownies

• knit Roscoe a new sweater

• knit some more on my Moderne Log Cabin Blanket

• frosted the lower window in my bathroom so I no longer need to hang curtains and will always have the daylight streaming in.

• Watched in this order…”The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”, “Monster Thursday” and “Lords of Dogtown”. Note that the first two have subtitles so the fact that I did knit without many errors is pretty amazing.

Well, the sun is just too much to ignore any longer, though it is 40º, so I will have another cup of coffee, take the dogs for a walk, and think about what to do with the rest of my day.

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