Cbledwn_rag1    Cbledwn_rag3

Could this sweater be any prettier?! I’m pretty stoked about the raglan sleeves since I’m not a big fan of attaching them… sad but true. This sweater designed by Stephanie Japel is from the Spring issue of IK. I was hoping for a non-bulky cable pattern and this looks perfect…I’m pretty busty so here’s hoping it has directions I don’t have to do much cyphering.

This morning I baked a sour cream coffee cake for a coworker’s birthday… I baked it this morning so it would still be warm. I brought in a vintage table cloth and cake pedestal because gestures like this always loose their lustre in the presentation. DH is due back from Mexico tomorrow….I’ve missed him but I think his second wife (Callie, our Catahoula) may have missed him more.

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