Baby Quilt WIP


Here is my first baby quilt…sandwiched together and ready for some quilting and binding… my camera phone does it no justice, I tel ‘ya. I’ve decided to hand-tie the little nugget. I love the fabrics, they’re 1930 reproduction designs(except for the red) … I love the farmhouse/schoolbook look. I wish you could see the red fabric….it has sunny side up eggs all over. It shouldn’t be a late nite at work today so hope to get close to done with this tonight.
Song lyrics on the drive in reminded me of when we didn’t have 24-hour broadcast days…TV just went off the air after Wolfman Jack’s Midnight Special or Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert.
When I went to college at Humboldt State in 1985, the Eureka station signed off after Johnny Carson, leaving all of us Letterman fans hanging. The student body petitioned the station and we got Letterman, but the footage of boats in the Humboldt Bay were hypnotizing us within seconds after the show ended.

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