Maisy Hates Thunder

SmallflowersJust thought I’d sit down and catch up while drinking my morning coffee. Rain again! I am actually thrilled with it, I’ve always loved rain. We live in a small ranch and farm town, so people are wise to not complain about the rain here…sure I’ll hear that when I get to work in Austin this morning.
We’ve had some rudimentary rain barrels (read trash cans) set up since last year, but just set up our first real one a couple weeks ago….come on RAIN!
Shoot, just realized what time it is…gotta scoot to work, I’ll catch up later today. There’s so much to mention…new knitting projects, a puppy, a sign, completed stairs, butterfly gardens…

One thought on “Maisy Hates Thunder

  1. Gary says:

    Hi Stacy! I stop in to visit your site on occasion and I say that I absolutely love it!
    Your photo’s, although some taken with a cell phone, are great! And you definitely have a way with words and you conjour up many of my own childhood memories as well!
    see you soon,


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