Plum Luck


but not so much with peaches. My peaches are oozy and hard as rocks. I will have to do some reading about fruit trees and prepare for next years harvest. This morning I was out back knitting, drinking coffee and enjoying some toast with plum jam that my neighbor made from plums from MY TREE! It is a bit more fluorescent and jelly-like than I normally like…but I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. What’s on the needles beside the plate? Clapotis being knit up in Noro Silk Garden, color way 203. You can see I have a thing for greens and blues. After many fits and starts I think I am well on my way to knitting this up. I was tying to watch some TV and start this and it requires just enough attention to make that difficult. I am now in the straight section…aaah. I know this pattern is not a tough one, just hard for those of us with attention problems. I’m knitting it scarf size ‘cuz While I love the Silk Garden I am more a fan of the smaller the better with variegated yarns. 

Woohoo, my first skein of Socks that Rock™ medium weight in Lagoon. This yarn is so sproingy to the touch…can’t wait to knit up a pair. Now the search for a pattern Gauge: 8 sts per inch on US size 2. … anyone have any pattern ideas? I think Dsc07687_2
this will be the chance to use the vintage DPNs I  received for Christmas, they are all so skinny.

Dsc07693_2Below is where I get my knit on every morning with my first cup of coffee, mosquitoes permitting. There is something so meditative about the quiet, my dogs (picture of my lovely Maisy below), the roving pack of chickens in the front yard, a rooster or two cockle-doodle-dooing and the clickety click of my little sticks. Helluva way to start the day.

Oh tonight on PBS there is a show that’s bound to be cool Craft in America . Have my DVR scheduled to record just in case I have memory loss. Tune in if you’re inclined… if you’re bothering to read this you probably are.Maisy_2

One thought on “Plum Luck

  1. Mona says:

    Roving pack of chickens in the front yard… I LOVE IT! big smile…
    Yes indeed, a lovely life…
    Also will be watching the PBS special, looks to be fabulous, much love, Mona


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