Quitting with Class


Of course when I first saw this I read Quilting with Class, but that’s beside the point. I was reminded of one of the best "quits" I’d ever witnessed. I managed a restaurant in my late 20s and early 30s. One Saturday night in the peak of service our sous-chef was searching for his pantry guy. The pantry person is usually the person who makes the salads and plates the desserts. Well, the sous-chef finally finds him sitting on top of the ice cream freezer eating blackberries and fresh whipped cream. They get into it and  the pantry guy says, "you’re so hostile man, I quit." He proceeds to take off his black and white checked pants, roll them up and tuck them under his arm. He then walks out through the packed dining room and out the front door without any pants. Now that’s "Quitting with Class"

4 thoughts on “Quitting with Class

  1. Mona says:

    I read this with my morning java…. time difference and all you know. Well I must say, coffee coming out of ones nose during a fit of laughter is rather painful! And as I walked to the kitchen to freshen up my cup, there were these little giggles that would randomly erupt. this will have me smiling all week, I am quite sure of that! thanks Miss Stacey…
    ps My mother said of your floor… “who knew plywood could look so good”


  2. Stacey says:

    The sous chef came out of the back and just said, “that was awesome”. It was just too fabulous to be irritated or take it seriously which is probably the way we were supposed to react.
    Mona, are you still in Portland? Still planning on moving this way?


  3. Mona says:

    Yup, still in the area. I’m about 40 miles S of Portland in Salem, the state capitol. Less hip, but less congestion also. I guess I needed a break after Los Angeles, :~) There is a great HFS here though(better than WF Market, or perhaps what WF used to be in the early years) so I survive without all the hipness. I just make runs up N for my coolness. Going today after a dash to our farmers market for some replenishment lilies. We grow a lot of stuff up here so driving up north is so pretty during the spring… rows and rows and acres of tulips and iris’. Summer is bleaker for the drive, I just end up covering my windshield in insects for every drive. As if I had driven 1000 miles, not 40! Body Worlds finally came to Portland so that is on the current ‘let’s get culture’ menu for this September. To answer your question…. Yes I am still thinking of it. Didn’t know that that email actually made it to you, and that it was for sure, you! There are questions I would have of anyone I knew living there. And frankly there are some different challenges that I would face/embrace moving again. Ones I would prefer not to speak of publicly in a blog type thing… know what I mean jellybean?
    Well, a late breakfast calls… and need to get to those lilies before she sells out :~) have a great weekend! M


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