400 Children and Crap in the Field

07aspr_wg239_m01I ordered this skirt online and wish it was as long as it is on this girl, cuz it is way too above the knees for a sturdy girl over 40 to be sporting. Just when did that happen? God I was so brave in my twenties.

One of the cool things about my job is that the edit dept receives lots of music for review and they can be up for grabs most of the time. I scored the new Lori McKenna today when I went to fetch a cup of mint tea. It’s obviously more produced than The Kitchen Tapes and not as sweet as Bittertown but I love " I’m Not Crazy"

Finally ordered Bend the Rules Sewing I can’t wait to finish the guest room so I have some room to sew and quilt and just be.

The pie social was a big hit… there were twelve eleven pies in all:

  • wild blueberry almond crumble (mine, the blurry pie pictured below… camera phones kinda suck)
  • apple pandowdy (which is not technically a pie and actually leads to another whole can of worms such as cobblers, brown Betties, Charlotte’s, crisps and other  topics which deserve discussion, just not now)
  • peach
  • peach cherry
  • buttermilk
  • peach custard
  • blueberry lattice
  • Oreo
  • million dollar
  • treacle (I’m serious)
  • key lime
  • apple


I think it’s important to note there that not one of these Texans brought a pecan pie. . . very strange, even though it’s not quite pecan season.

While I’m in list making mode . . . I am compiling a play list of 70’s country tunes that used to play on the jukebox of the Golden Spike, the truck stop my parents ran in Colorado.  So far the list is looking like this:

  1. Happiest Girl | Donna Fargo
  2. Behind Closed Doors | Charlie Rich
  3. Jolene | Dolly Parton
  4. Kiss an Angel This Morning | Charlie Pride
  5. Rose Garden | Lynn Anderson
  6. Lucille | Kenny Rogers ( and I think it’s 4 hungry children, not 400 children as I believed for like, oh forever)* Did I ever mention that I saw Kenny Rogers perform at the Miss America Pageant? I’ve been twice . . .  another story for another day.
  7. Help Me Make it Through the Night | Kris Kristofferson version..maybe but not if I include #9
  8. undefined Her Was Easier | Kris Kristofferson
  9. Paper Roses | Marie Osmond
  10. Ode to Billy Joe | Bobbie Gentry
  11. Race is On | George Jones
  12. Wichita Lineman | Glen Campbell (this is one of my all time favorite songs, I’m serious)
  13. Delta Dawn | Tanya Tucker (because where there’s Glen . . .)

other possible contenders are

One Tin Soldier
Ramblin’ Man
Sunshine on My Shoulders

am I forgetting any?

*Oh I almost forgot, speaking of  misheard lyrics…  check this site out http://www.kissthisguy.com

One thought on “400 Children and Crap in the Field

  1. Sarah says:

    Kenny…. oh, Kenny. My dad and I use to sing Lucille on the way to the dump on Saturdays. Ahh, memories.
    Oh, like Delta Dawn. What about some Ronnie Milsap…”I, wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Wouldn’t have missed lovin you girl….” Wow. I am a nerd!


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