Finally a sweater I may actually finish!


I started My Cedar Creek Socks
using Lornas Laces and the yarn just didn’t do it for me. I like a bit of
sproing in my sock yarn, don’t you? I remembered I had a skein of Plucky Knitter merino in "Reese" Colorway . . . It looks like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup wrapper. I’ll take a photo of this super cute stuff tonight but the candy shot will have to do today. This is cruel I know, as I know most of you are viewing this from your work computer and your thoughts have now turned to the vending machine down the hall. Sorry.

I have started and scrapped more more sweaters than I’d hoped to. I have actually finished a few baby sweaters with no problems. . . top down, bottom up, set in sleeves. I’ve gotten pretty bored with scarves.

A week ago I started Ariann  . . . again . . . for like the 7th time. scrapped it. I like to knit at night while I watch TV so the lace pattern was making me kinda nuts. While it’s not a complicated lace pattern, it does require more constant attention than cabling. So over the weekend I started Twist. I am LOVING it! I love me some cables and while I was intimidated by having to seam it up at the end, it actually feels less daunting while knitting since I do not have so many stitches on the needles. This one piece at a time thing may be right up my alley. I have actually knit as far as one of the 5 or 6 cables on the back! Will probably go with collar instead of a hood.

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