“How clever of you. . . to know something of which you are ignorant.”

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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Okay, so I turn 43 tomorrow. Wow.

For my birthday weekend we are having the electric service panel replaced on our house. Woohoo!
My birthday gift (besides a whole lot of either Classic Elite Lush or Blue Sky Alpaca to knit a luxurious shawl) is going to be the coolest of projects… DH and I are going to build a homemade tabletop letterpress that I saw in Readymade magazine. I am so excited to get some plates made and start printing. I had a mini print shop set up in the kitchen for my Christmas cards and realized how much I just adore printmaking. I will say this about my forties. . .  I’ve never experienced living in such an explosion of creativity as I have in the past 3 years. Don’t know if it’s reconnecting with (and then losing) a long lost mother, just being in my forties and just not giving a shit…or finally making a nest. Whatever it is, I’m finally living the creative life I knew I always wanted. . . it’s not a luxury, I need it.

First pair of socks for SAM 5. I finished my first picot edge and it looked so great….then I got
overconfident and made some mistakes a few rows into the leg. The
needles are US 1 and the yarn is teensy so I kept losing stitches and soon
realized I would never be back where I need to be.  . .  so I started over and am back where I was. The picot edge is so pretty but I need to learn to do a proper chain cuz mine did not plink off the stitches like it shoulda.

Oh, and to the oh so brave IB in Minnesota . . . I’m on that same journey sistah, be in touch. email me

3 thoughts on ““How clever of you. . . to know something of which you are ignorant.”

  1. Mona says:

    Happy Happy! For a second I thought you were born on my Dad’s Bday, but his is in February. I hear the creativity thing. There is an extraordinary yearning inside…I just don’t seem to know how to get there myself yet, frustratingly. So far the only area where I am creative without nasty critical voices is in the kitchen. Intellectually I know they aren’t me, my voices, and yet it feels like glass quicksand. Ahhhh growth… the journey of living….
    A blessed life…. you have indeed crafted and created a sweet, lovely life for yourself my dear. I enjoy so much the pics, the projects, and the joy….


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